Although Christians can worship God in any place, at any time, it’s great to be able to worship together as His spiritual family, in one place, at one time.

That’s what Sundays are about, meeting together to worship God, which involves singing to Him; hearing from Him as we read the bible and listen to its message being explained and applied to us today; and encouraging each other through the things that we say and the way that we serve each other and meet one another’s practical and spiritual needs.

What to expect: As indicated above, throughout our time together there is a mixture of singing, praying and listening, both to the bible being read and to it being explained and applied to us individually and as a church.

There may be an opportunity for people to share something that has encouraged or helped them, or that they feel God wants to encourage and help others with. There might also be a chance to pray together about these things, or about whatever else might be affecting those present, along with the needs of our country and world.

There is no obligation to participate in any of this, especially if you are new to church. You are invited to simply sit, listen and reflect on what is being said and done.

There is no dress code so you are welcome to wear whatever is comfortable for you, whether that’s smart, casual or something in between.

When: 10:30am and 6:00pm (Apart from the third Sunday of each month when there is a tea time service at 4:00pm)

Children: There are a small number of children and babies at the church, who, after about 20 to 25 minutes are invited to leave the main service so that they can participate in Explorers. Explorers is a group for both pre-school and primary school age children in which they are encouraged to ‘explore’ what it means to be disciples of Christ, as they listen to stories from the Bible, play games and participate in a variety of activities that are put on and overseen by the leaders of the group.

Communion: Communion is celebrated during the evening service of the first Sunday of the month, and the morning service of the third Sunday of the month. All those who have trusted and turned to Christ for forgiveness are free to share in this meal as we remember, and rejoice in, all that he has done for us.

If you have not trusted and turned to Christ, you are still more than welcome at these times of communion where you are invited to observe and reflect upon what is taking place without feeling under any pressure to participate or personally take part.