Being a Christian is not just about attending church on a Sunday. It’s about living every day for Jesus Christ in the way that God intends. The Church is a Christian community in which we can help each other to do that, as we interact with fellow believers, and as we provide encouragement and support to one another. That is what our midweek meetings are about.

They normally take place on a Wednesday evening and involve a variety of different activities to which all are invited (each once per month), including:

Bible Studies

An opportunity to study the Bible together and think about how it should be applied to our everyday living.

Growth Groups

These are small groups meeting in a home. They provide an opportunity in a relaxed atmosphere to share with one another, encourage one another and pray with one another.

Fellowship Gatherings

Meeting as a whole church this is an opportunity to either pray together as a church family, consider a sermon that’s recently been preached or discuss a topic that’s pertinent to us as contemporary Christians.

Missionary Prayer

The Lees Chapel supports a number of organisations that take or share the Christian message through their workers and activities (See Mission Page for details). Our Missionary Prayer meetings are held in one of our homes where we meet together to share information from these various organisations and then to pray to God about those situations.