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Holiday Bible Club

One week a year The Lees holds a special week of activities for the children.


Previous Holiday Bible Clubs


This year's event is planned from Monday 12th to Friday 16th starting each day at 10.30am, with HBC Extra Fun on Wednesday afternoon at 3pm (weather permitting).


There are also events in the evenings for the CFCs group aged 11+

  • Wide Game meeting at Yarningale Common at 7:00pm
  • Games night meeting at Rowington Field at 7:00pm
  • Rowing on the Avon meeting at Chapel at 6:30pm


The 2012 Holiday Bible Club was called 'Run the Race' themed around the Olympics. hbc-aIt was a fun filled week of games, wacky challenges, stories and craft. Children were split into age appropriate groups, where they competed to win points for their team. Children heard how Jesus was the 'Supreme Champion' when he died on the cross, forgiving us for all the wrong things we have done, and rose again showing his power over death. We also heard how unlike most champions, Jesus is willing to share his prize with everyone who trusts in him. hbc-bWe heard about several other bible characters including Philip and the Ethiopian, Stephen, Saul/Paul and Peter who ran God's race in order to win the prize.

Sporting skills were shown off at the 'Lapworth Lympics' A sunny afternoon of team games including javelin, hurdles, long jump, shot put, sprinting and the infamous water games, down on the school field. It's safe to say both children and helpers alike thoroughly enjoyed the week and look forward to much of the same, next year.