The Family Church   
in the Community   

Who we are


  • James Tydeman: Pastor
  • Arthur Prescott: Elder
  • Ben Sterry: Elder


  • Ian O'Donnell
  • Mike & Christine O'Donnell: Church Building Facilities

Leaders of Activities

  • Finance: Arthur Prescott
  • Lion Cubs: Anne Sterry
  • Whizz Kids: Cora Prescott
  • CFCs: Ian O'Donnell
  • TBD: Kieran Prescott
  • Junior Church: Christine O'Donnell
  • Holiday Bible Club: Christine O'Donnell
  • Learning Disability: Anne Sterry, Christine O'Donnell, Lesley Knowles
  • Afternoon Teas: Cora Prescott
  • Chapel Life: Cora Prescott
  • Growth Groups: James Tydeman, Arthur Prescott and Ben Sterry
Arthur and Cora Prescott
Arthur and Cora Prescott
Ben and Anne Sterry
Ben and Anne Sterry
Mike and Christine ODonnell
Mike and Christine ODonnell